Students Attend Archbishop’s Forum and LifeLink Launch

Students Attend Archbishop’s Forum and LifeLink Launch

Santa Maria students with Archbishop Timothy Costelloe

I loved attending the Archbishop’s Forum and LifeLink Launch at Aranmore Catholic College. The experience was both educational and exciting. It was great to hear Archbishop, Timothy Costelloe, speak on topics that I find very relevant, such as the role of the Church in the future, the Plenary Council and the importance of LifeLink charities in the community. He was very engaging and spoke personally of his experiences.

The LifeLink organisation was established by the Archdiocese of Perth in 1994 to provide for the ongoing financial and promotional support of agencies established or assisted by the Church. LifeLink’s agencies deliver professional services & caring support to thousands of people in need throughout Western Australia each year.

The presentation was made more interesting by the student participation and networking. We had the opportunity to sit with students from other Catholic schools who had their own fascinating stories and opinions. We were able to discuss questions posed, upload our answers for everyone attending the Forum to see and then hear the Archbishop, Bishop Sproxton and Dr Debra Sayce respond to our feedback. All speakers spoke positively about the amazing work LifeLink charities do in the community and the significance of our donations to organisations such as The Shopfront.

I am so happy I was invited to attend this eye-opening experience!

Sascha Finlay-Collins, Year 10


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