Archbishop’s LifeLink Day

Like many things this year, the annual Archbishop’s LifeLink Day had to be cancelled. Instead, the Just Leadership group had the opportunity to view the launch via video.

LifeLink’s main aim is to provide an opportunity for students attending Catholic schools to join and raise funds for Catholic agencies. These agencies such as Shopfront and Centercare, support the homeless, disabled, and disadvantaged. These groups reach out to those in need and provide practical assistance and care on behalf of the wider community.

The words shared in the video by Archbishop Timothy Costello and Auxiliary Bishop Don Sproxton were those of insight and understanding. They addressed the importance of the work of these agencies and showed gratitude for the fundraising efforts made by Catholic schools.

LifeLink is about caring for those around us, especially those struggling in the community, as well as honouring those brave enough to spark positive change in our society.

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