Around The World with Food

Today the Year 11s took the Year 5s for a cooking lesson. The aim was to show the girls foods from different cultures while teaching them safe cooking skills. They went to Japan, Germany, Ireland, England, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico and Indigenous Australia all through their tastebuds. The Year 5s learnt so much and can’t wait to go home and cook for their families!


This was so much fun because I’m used to cutting but I like the cooking part as well. Rice Paper rolls aren’t that hard to make either. Ridyaa Niranjan (Year 5)


I’ve never had a cutlet before so I’m really looking forward to eating this! I didn’t know Italy had chicken snitzels. I thought they just ate pizza and pasta. Eden-Lee Thompson (Year 5)


I chose sushi to show the Japanese culture. It’s easy to make. They learnt how to make sushi with a sushi maker and seemed to have fun. Alicia Hudson (Year 11)


I picked Scones because I’m from England. I wanted the girls to have fun and cook! Ashleigh Gibbs (Year 11)

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