Art Encounter Day with Ariel Katzir

Ariel Katzir is an emerging Perth artist who combines dark inks, vibrant acrylics, geometry and human form. Last weekend, the Year 12 Visual Art and Design students were excited to attend their first Art Encounter Day for the year, working with Ariel.

The day started with a few exercises, which really pushed the girls out of their comfort zones! In one exercise, students played Chinese whispers done entirely through drawing, drawing with both hands at the same time, drawing with their opposite hand and drawing as a response to music.

The students then completed a self-portrait, adopting Ariel’s techniques of building up layers with paint, posca pens, blind contour line drawing and collage. The results were stunning! Visual Arts Captain, Dilini Jayawickrema wrote “Our art encounter day held on Sunday was one of a kind. Working with Ariel was such an incredible experience, understanding new ways to approach our artwork. We began the day differently by starting with art therapy, which allowed us to loosen up and get ourselves prepared for something different. One highlight of the day for myself was being able to produce a self-portrait in Ariel’s style going through the processes she does. Having to work from a live model, however, I found was a challenge but we all pushed through and got the most out of it. All in all, the day was a great success and a great bonding experience for us.”

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