Student Art Turned into Christmas Cards

Lianne and Sarah with their winning designs turned into Christmas cards

The Mini Vinnies hoped to start a new fundraiser as part of their contribution to Santa4Santa Day and the Christmas Appeal. They discussed ways they might be able to do something different to engage the students in Years 5 and 6, which is how they came up with the idea to appeal to their creative instincts! 

Mini Vinnies Coordinator Kate Warchomij explains, “The students first decided on a colouring competition based on a variety of Christmas designs, and this contest proved very popular among both year levels. However, we decided to take things a step further and encourage students to submit an original Christmas-themed design in the hopes that we could use them to print and sell as Santa Maria Christmas cards. 

“We were blown away by how creative many of the designs were, but in the end, the selection of winners was unanimously voted by the Mini Vinnies members. The Mini Vinnies loved Lianne Kim’s tree design for its intricate line work and use of colour. Sarah Stopforth’s Santa Maria Christmas hat design appealed for its clever inclusion of a school logo and its festive feel. Both designs felt incredibly professional coming from the minds and talents of Year 5 and 6 students!”

Mini Vinnies selling Christmas cards at Santa4Santa Day

So far, the sales of the Christmas postcards have raised $144.50 for the Christmas Appeal. The Mini Vinnies will be extending the offer to Santa Maria staff to purchase the last of the printed cards.

The Mini Vinnies are very grateful to all students who donated and participated in both the colouring and design competitions, and to all those who have purchased Lianne and Sarah’s cards. We are also very appreciative of the support we have received in partnering with Mrs Bickerton and the CRD team to help make our little idea a big reality! We are looking forward to seeing how we can grow this idea even further in 2022.

Merry Christmas from the Mini Vinnies!

Here are the two winning designs.

Lianne Kim

When I started my design, I nearly gave up because I couldn’t come up with many ideas at first but eventually, the design ideas slowly came in with the experience of Christmas I had in the past. At first, I wasn’t too keen on winning but just participating for the joy of it, but when I found out I had won, I felt very proud of myself.

I didn’t realize my drawing would be turned into a Christmas card until one of the girls from Mini Vinnies told me. On Santa4Santa day, I saw my cards being sold to girls and it looked brilliant when it got printed onto card.

The idea that inspired me for my drawing was on Christmas Day when our Christmas tree was decorated with tinsel and sparkling lights which spelled out Merry Christmas. I thought it was a great idea to reflect on a memory from the past and turn it into a Christmas card.

Sarah Stopforth

At first, I didn’t want to enter the design competition even though Miss Warchomij encouraged me to. Then I thought of a really good idea of what to do for the design competition, so I entered it and ended up winning. I was very proud of myself because I thought I wouldn’t win. My design was inspired by the school logo and I added lots of Christmas things into my design. 

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