Art Represents the Holy Spirit

The Year 5 classes have been creating artworks that represent the Holy Spirit. The girls have shown creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills in coming up with their amazing art pieces.

Here is what the girls had to say about their work.

I chose to do a diorama to show Moses’ story about the burning bush because it was clearly a visit from the Holy Spirit. I am really proud of my artwork, especially the background because I made it with lots of different colours and used sand as well. Maggie Holland, Class 5.4

My artwork is about God’s hand holding his love for us and our roots are growing into his love. When I saw the verse Ephesians 3:16-19, I felt a connection with it because it says, ‘may your roots grow into God’s love’, and that makes me realise how great God’s love is for us. I am proud that I drew hands for the first time and how well I brought that verse into a painting. Hannah Heyden, Class 5.4

I had a dove on my art because the dove represents Heaven. I imagine Heaven being white. I think doves fit people into Heaven when they’ve passed on. I also had Jesus with a bright light around him because I think when people pass away, they also have a bright light around them to show how sunny and happy Heaven is. I am so happy with my art because I spent a lot of time on it and even though I made some mistakes, I fixed them all and didn’t give up. Tess Lawson, Class 5.5

My art is a sculpture of a dove that has babies hatching. The dove is symbolising people entering the world and helping us care for the world. I think this is what the Holy Spirit does when it comes to the world. This is one of the best things I’ve made from clay so I’m really happy with how it turned out. Angela Ross, Class 5.2

My artwork is a picture of fire in a night sky. We watched a video in class about Moses and Jesus’ followers being visited by the Holy Spirit in the form of fire and this show that the Holy Spirit is burning in us like fire burns. I like the attention to detail that I took on this and I didn’t just draw something simple. I’m really happy with it. Amber Young, Class 5.2

My dad and I got the mannequin from the tip and we cleaned and polished it. I put bracelets on it and made hair for her head. Then I made a fire dove out of origami and put it in a cellophane fire which I crinkled with a hair dryer. I put a purple t-shirt on her to represent a royal colour similar to what I think Jesus wore and I stuck my mum’s eyelashes and makeup on her to make her look like she was deep in prayer. I am so proud of my art because it represents me and what I love about the Holy Spirit. Sarah Heyden, Class 5.5

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