Ask Any Girl Finally Hits the Stage


Thanks to the tremendous efforts of cast and crew, the 2021 College production Ask Any Girl finally hit the stage. The production was originally produced in 2020, but COVID meant it had to be postponed. After many hours of rehearsals, a fabulous new cast and crew brought the play to life last week.

Ask Any Girl, takes place in New York City between two establishments. The first is Maddison Avenue Girls’ Hotel, where young women from across America seek shelter, advice and friendship as they try to make it in the dog-eat-dog world of the Big Apple. Their aspirations are all centred around finding a husband and securing their financial futures.

The second establishment is Doughton & Doughton, a marketing and research company. A renowned local businessman millionaire Miles Doughton struggles to get his younger brother, playboy Evan Doughton, to take the family business seriously and stop playing the field.

Through this play our girls have had the opportunity to question gender roles of the 1950s and explore how far we have or haven’t come as a society. When confronted by the reality of this era it highlighted to our cast the importance of choice. Having a choice and the right to choose their own futures and how important it is to continue to fight for this right.

Joanne Hennessy, Director


Ask Any Girl 2021 was one of the best experiences of my senior school experience and being able to make lasting connections with the Year 12s is something I will cherish.

One of the highlights of this experience was being able to work with other Year groups to further develop our characters within the performance. Being able to grasp guidance from those more experienced was very beneficial to me.

I loved being able to work with a voice coach to perfect an American accent. Being able to learn this new skill was very beneficial to perfecting the show.

In all, Ask Any Girl was one of my favourite productions I have been in and I will love the memories I have made this year!
Emily Berson, Year 11 (Cast as Jeannie)


Being a member of the cast of Ask Any Girl has been such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. From the first rehearsal to opening night, I have learnt so much about confidence, the benefits of taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone in order to create a character with a strong personality.

I have loved getting to know the cast members in the younger years and experiencing the support and sense of belonging that being a cast member brings.

Some of the challenges I found were establishing a believable accent, as the play is set in 1950s America. However, with the help of vocal coach Julia Moody, I was able to perform with a fluent accent and work it into my character. 

Being a part of College productions is always a highlight of my year. I am so grateful for the support the Performing Arts Department has provided, and the support of everyone involved to make the show come to life.
Olivia Reeve, Year 12 (Cast as Terri)

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