Seriously, Yes We Can: Athletics Champions 2018

  • To win
  • Increase our team unity and
  • Have increased attendance at every training.
  • I believe we achieved them all!

    A phrase I put into the motivational video I created for the girls was, “Together we are unstoppable”.

    I chose this phrase so the girls could use it to not only inspire but to think about, going into each of their individual events … and I can tell you each and every girl was unstoppable on Tuesday.

    Our performances across Tuesday were unquestionable. The girls never ceased to lose sight of our main goal and, no matter what, stayed determined and united. This was all evident in our placings. In every age group pennant, we placed in the top four.

    Our slogan this year had to be stepped up from last year.

    From 2017 = Yes We Can, to 2018 = Seriously, Yes We Can.

    And as I said to the girls at the wind-up, we turned Seriously, Yes We Can into …. Seriously, Yes We Did!!!

    Ella Eastaugh, Athletics Team Captain

  • Won Year 7 Pennant
  • Won Year 10 Pennant
  • Won Years 11/12 Pennant
  • Won Track Trophy
  • Won Field Trophy
  • Won Overall School Trophy
  • Our Years 11/12 First Division 4 x 100m relay broke the record
  • Congratulations to all the girls involved and their coaches.

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