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Rich Learning In And Out Of The Classroom – Jennifer Oaten

We all expected Term 1 to be short and action-packed, given it was initially a 9-week Term. Then we had lockdown due to COVID, followed by a week of wearing masks, so many of the planned opportunities took place in the remaining seven weeks. No wonder staff and student are ready for a break!

Building Positive Mental Health – Jennifer Oaten

Our world has become a more challenging place for our young people in recent years, which has led to an increase in the awareness of the need to build positive mental health at school but in partnership with parents. While some parents will be very familiar with our strategy, we encourage our new families to familiarise themselves.

Celebrating Ursula Frayne – Jennifer Oaten

Mother Ursula Frayne led the group of Mercy Sisters on a mission to Perth, arriving in 1846. She is credited with leading a group of courageous women to open the first Mercy school in Australia and for introducing secondary education into Western Australia.

We Are All Creative! – Jennifer Oaten

Many us would not describe ourselves as creative, yet we are all creative! It is a skill valued throughout the world in workplaces and in society. It is not limited to just creativity in art but encompasses creativity in many different contexts.

Best Wishes, Year 12s – Jennifer Oaten

We wish Year 12s the best in their preparation and emphasise the importance of staying active and healthy and connected during exam times. Check on each other regularly and reach out if you need support.

Thank You Letter To Catherine McAuley

I write this letter to you to say thank you to you, Catherine McAuley! We are so grateful to you for what we know as Mercy today. Without your opening of the House of Mercy in Dublin in September 1827, we may not exist as a thriving school community, for educating girls in the Mercy tradition which opened in 1938.

Connecting Learning to Life

We want our girls to go out into the world and have the skills to solve problems such as breast cancer. They may not find a cure for cancer, but there are many ways, through creative thinking and problem solving that new ideas can change the quality of life for others or the quality of our world.

Creating A Love Of Science

Growing up on a farm, Science surrounded me as a little girl. From calves being born to our pet kangaroo, to planting vegetables, understanding the importance of the weather, firebreaks or dung beetles, the processes of preserving fruit and jams and the benefits of fixing or modifying what you have, rather than buying new.

So Many Words…. So Few Comprehend

How many words have you read on a screen in the last few days? The number of words in our lives is multiplying by the millions every day. We read words in documents, emails, social media, news updates and even online shopping. So many words!

Create The Change – Jennifer Oaten

In developing the path forward in any organisation, it is vital that all members have a voice and their voice is valued. We have taken this belief into our process for the development of the next College Strategic Plan.

Power of The Pause

The power of the ‘pause’ is so significant in our online lives today as poor judgement can have a long term impact. If only you had paused.

We Stand Together – Jennifer Oaten

Humans show great diversity. Diversity can be defined as the entire spectrum of the differences that exist among humans across the world that includes cultural background, colour, religious affiliation, age, gender, sexual orientation and ability.

Time, santa maria college perth

Time, Our Most Precious Resource – Jennifer Oaten

Now that we have removed or minimised the external pressures, such as sport, social outings, shopping trips, commuting to and from work, we have realised how overcommitted we are in our lives. This extra time at home has given us opportunity to reflect on how we utilise our time. Time is the most precious commodity we can have because unlike money, we can’t make more of it.

Introverts and COVID-19 – Jennifer Oaten

With current COVID-19 restrictions in place, I feel no guilt about wanting to stay at home on Friday night and sit on the couch, rather than attending a social gathering. There is no one I have to see, and nowhere I have to go!

The Future Of Education Has Arrived – Jennifer Oaten

In the past six weeks, Education has changed more than it has in 100 years. The disruption caused by COVID-19 has pushed teachers well out of their comfort zone and given them little choice to but to learn new technologies one day and the next, to be implementing it with classes.

Choosing a School for Your Daughter

Choosing a school for your daughter may seem like a daunting task. There are so many variables and everyone has an opinion. It can be overwhelming. I think the first thing to remember is that ultimately, it’s about your child.

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