Margo Bastow

Principal Santa Maria College

Thank You – Jennifer Oaten

As Principal of Santa Maria College, I wanted to thank you for your support during these difficult times. It is a tough time for all of us but I know we will come through this, even stronger, as a community.

Mental Health Strategy Update

“To work together to ensure that all Santa Maria College students have the skillset to manage their wellbeing*, tackle challenges and thrive in school and life.” *Wellbeing = emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing

The Value of Student Voice – Jennifer Oaten

“At Santa Maria College, we are not only given the opportunity, but we are encouraged by our teachers and each other to voice our opinions, concerns and ideas—to continue moving forward as a school and as a community. Student voice is integral for growth, and allows for us, as students to have an active role in shaping our education.”

Santa4Santa Day

Santa4Santa day is a day of Christmas celebrations to fundraise for those less fortunate. The money raised is combined with the donations and items collected for the Christmas Appeal and is donated to St Vincent de Paul, the Shopfront and St Patrick’s in Fremantle.

Farewell Class of 2019 – Jennifer Oaten

Our graduating class of 2019 were honoured at our recent Valedictory events. Many girls have worked exceptionally hard, shown great courage, demonstrated excellent leadership and graduate as fine Mercy women.

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