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Christmas Message – Jennifer Oaten

Celebrating our Advent Mass is a special way for us to come together as a Catholic community to share the Eucharist and to conclude the academic year, one that has been challenging in many ways.

Changing Girls’ Attitudes to Technology

Though girls use a large amount of technology daily, few choose to have careers in the field. With technological advances being everywhere we look, it’s a shame that more females don’t consider pursuing this activity as a profession.

Leadership – Jennifer Oaten

As a leader, it’s important to continue learning in order to grow and develop as an effective communicator and decision maker. Jennifer Oaten discusses the importance of lifelong learning in leadership.

Say No To Vaping – Jennifer Oaten

As parents, we have a duty to keep our children safe from harm. And when it comes to vaping, we need to be particularly vigilant. Youth vaping is on the rise and can pose a serious health risk for our children.

The Impact Of TikTok On Young People – Jennifer Oaten

This blog discusses the impact that the social media app TikTok is having on teenagers and what schools are doing to reduce its negative effects. It also provides 5 things students can do to be a respectful user, as well as 5 things parents can do to help manage their child’s TikTok use.

Camps – Having A Go – Jennifer Oaten

The purpose of camps is to push students beyond their comfort zone. The activities are unfamiliar, being away from family may be unfamiliar and working in teams may be unfamiliar. Life sends us many unfamiliar situations and challenges where we have to be prepared to be brave and have a go.

More Bad News – Jennifer Oaten

Social media has changed the way we access our news. People expect to be informed immediately or even while it is happening; anyone generates imagery, mobile phone recordings are often used, and the footage is broadcasted live from the scene, with little filtering.

What Gives You Joy? – Jennifer Oaten

Joy doesn’t come from others; it comes from within us. When we are more present, the simple things in life become joyful; the food we eat, the air we breathe, the sounds of nature and our families. The more we get in touch with our true selves, the more joy we will feel. With joy, there is hope. The present is where joy lives.

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