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Student Leadership – Jennifer Oaten

We want our girls to be confident leaders who accomplish much, but we also want them to be true to their values and stand by what is important to them. This is the key to being a successful leader.

Promote Bravery Not Perfectionism

As parents, we often focus on the positives and achievements and don’t mention the struggles because many of us believe the success of our children determines our success or worth. We all want to be perfect parents who have perfect children. Perfectionism is a trait that we commonly see in girls.

Athletics Carnival Builds Community – Jennifer Oaten

Twenty buses transported nearly 1280 students from Years 5 – 12 to the venue, ready for a great day of friendly rivalry and quiet competitiveness. The Houses competed in track and field events and showed tremendous spirit working together in the team events. The carnival is a great example of our strong sense of community where students, staff and parents come together to enable athletes to demonstrate their talents.

Celebrating the Sisters of Mercy in WA – Jennifer Oaten

Ursula Frayne and the Sisters of Mercy were women of courage who lived our Mercy values and who continue to be wonderful role models for our community. We remember and give thanks to all who have been part of this heritage. This year, we celebrate the 175th anniversary of Ursula Frayne and the sister’s arrival in the Swan River colony.

Empowering Girls – Jennifer Oaten

Being a principal brings me much joy when I see the incredible opportunities that empower our girls in and out of the classroom. This term has been no different. Our teachers provided many experiences for our students to connect learning to life, develop personal strengths and build friendships.

The Importance Of Feedback To Drive Teacher Growth – Jennifer Oaten

The GROW program underpins our culture of improvement and our value of ‘Excellence’ at Santa Maria College. It is an integral ingredient in providing excellence in girls’ education. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible team of growth-focused teachers focussed on both themselves and their students.

Vaping And Teenage Girls – Jennifer Oaten

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling aerosols produced by an e-cigarette or similar battery-powered device. E-cigarettes are currently the most commonly used tobacco product used by young people. As parents, it is important to understand these products, be aware of the risks, and have an open conversation with your daughters.

Academic Buoyancy – Jennifer Oaten

Academic buoyancy, just like the buoyancy of a duckling, is a balancing act and a key component of a student’s capacity to thrive at school. It is defined as a students’ ability to overcome setbacks and challenges typical of school life.

Rich Learning In And Out Of The Classroom – Jennifer Oaten

We all expected Term 1 to be short and action-packed, given it was initially a 9-week Term. Then we had lockdown due to COVID, followed by a week of wearing masks, so many of the planned opportunities took place in the remaining seven weeks. No wonder staff and student are ready for a break!

Building Positive Mental Health – Jennifer Oaten

Our world has become a more challenging place for our young people in recent years, which has led to an increase in the awareness of the need to build positive mental health at school but in partnership with parents. While some parents will be very familiar with our strategy, we encourage our new families to familiarise themselves.

Celebrating Ursula Frayne – Jennifer Oaten

Mother Ursula Frayne led the group of Mercy Sisters on a mission to Perth, arriving in 1846. She is credited with leading a group of courageous women to open the first Mercy school in Australia and for introducing secondary education into Western Australia.

We Are All Creative! – Jennifer Oaten

Many us would not describe ourselves as creative, yet we are all creative! It is a skill valued throughout the world in workplaces and in society. It is not limited to just creativity in art but encompasses creativity in many different contexts.

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