Karen Bickerton

Caring for Chicks

Year 10 Biology students have been conducting an investigation to examine how birth order affects the growth rates of newly born chickens.

Public Speaking Finals

Congratulations to all those who took part in the Interhouse Public Speaking Competition this year. Here are the winners from each year group.

The Joy of Giving Back

Four students from the Class of 2019 have regularly returned to the College this year to volunteer their time. We asked them about their service.

A Busy Time in Athletics

It’s been a busy time for our athletics girls. They started off last week with the Athletics WA Nitro event. Santa Maria had some fantastic results.

Science Day At Santa Maria

There were a number of activities on offer for the girls this week as we celebrated Science Day. From swimming with great whites to sea monkeys, there was something for everyone!

Basketball Debut

After over 10 years in the IGSSA system, I got my first gig as a basketball coach on Thursday afternoon with the Years 9/10 C team. 

Study Secrets

This week, our Year 11 students received a copy of ‘Study Secrets’ written by Perth coach and mentor, David Castelanelli.

Bringing Science to Life

Bringing science to life is the passion of Ailsa Harris, Head of Science. She and her department have developed elective subjects our girls can really get their teeth into.

Book Bento Boxes

Ever heard of a Book Bento Box? Our Year 5s have. It is a presentation method that encourages students to think imaginatively and in innovative ways.

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