Karen Bickerton

2020 Music Eisteddfod

Approximately 80 Santa Maria Music students took part in the annual Instrumental and Vocal Eisteddfod on Sunday 17 August.

Biotechnology in the Classroom

As part of the Year 12 ATAR Human Biology course, students study a unit on biotechnology. The girls have just completing DNA profiling using gel electrophoresis kits.

Why Retreats Matter

Next week our Year 12 students embark on a spiritual retreat, where they will have time away from their normal overcrowded schedules to reflect on their life journey. In our Mission blog this week, we look at why retreats matter.

Excited to be an Australian!

Santa Maria staff member, Mladen Maslic is so excited that he and his wife have finally been granted full citizenship of Australia. An inspiring story!

Thank you Mrs Oaten

Our Years 5 & 6 students and staff acknowledged Jennifer Oaten today, on Primary Principals’ Day. The students recorded messages and wrote cards that were presented to her in a surprise assembly.

Our Online Presence

There is real value in talking with someone face to face instead of online. Mission Leader Jilly Landers discusses our online presence.

2019 School Performance Report

Each year schools are required to prepare an Annual Performance Report to meet the compliance requirements of the Federal and State Governments. Read on to view the report.

Meeting the Premier

As part of the Community Cabinet Program, Year 12 students Jasmine Chow and Charlotte Scurry and Principal, Jennifer Oaten attended one of the Cabinet events on Sunday in East Fremantle.

Show Kindness

If these last months have taught us anything, it’s that we can be a little kinder. So, where do we start? Here are some key habits that will build more kindness into our daily lives.

Lunch With The Premier

An opportunity to have lunch with Premier Mark McGowan and share the College’s environmental initiatives with state and local government officials was just too good to turn down.

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