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Spark6 is a program for Year 6 students, which encourages students to form an opinion and make decisions and then give evidence to support their point of view.

This term in Spark6 our topic was ‘Back to the Future’. We learnt about robots, driverless cars and virtual reality. We really enjoyed learning about what technology is and what it is used for. Spark 6 was very enjoyable and we would love to learn more about technology and robots.
Lexi Menin (6.10, O’Donnell) & Ella Borbely (6.10, Kelly) 

On Monday, 24 June 2017, the Year 6s went to the Forum for a Q&A session about robots. We had five specialists on our panel answering our questions, Darp, a technology guru, Mrs Marshall, Head of Digital Learning, Mrs Radley, Rio Tinto Innovator, Mr Elder, Principal and Mrs Hansen, Dean of Students – Years 5 & 6. There was a lot of wisdom between the five guests, and by the end we had all made a decision about whether robots are making the world a better place.
Isabel Bauer (6.8, de la Hoyde)


Some girls asked the panel great questions and we heard interesting information about robots. It was incredible what they can do! Before the end of the session, we saw how a robot called Nao works. It was a great opportunity to get some great information on robots and what they can do.
Montana Raffa (6.9, Byrne)

I was very privileged to be chosen to come up and speak to the robot. The robot was incredible and did things I thought we would not achieve for a long time. It was an amazing experience.
Jaimee Langton (6.9, Kelly)

In Spark6 this semester, we learnt about technology and that not all technological things have to be electronic. For example, the chair and pencil are both technology, because they make our lives easier! We also learnt about robots and how they work and what they do. We had our own Q&A with a panel to ask questions about robots with a real one there! The panel gave us lots of insight into whether robots are good or bad, and whether they think they will do good things for our world. They gave us answers to all our questions and we had lots of fun. We learnt a lot, we can’t wait to see what we’ll learn next semester!
Kleonora Manios (6.6, Corbett) & Matilda Reid (6.6, Kelly)

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