Backstage Stars

Year 11 ATAR students Emma Robinson and Nicki Xanthis have volunteered their time as stage managers before and after school since the beginning of Term 2, to assist with the Year 7 – 9 drama production, The Neverending Story.

The girls state that managing their time between the production, out of school commitments and their Year 11 ATAR subjects, has been the most challenging aspect of their commitment. They have noted, good organisation and communication as the keys to managing their time, as well as the thirty-five members of the cast, effectively.

Despite Emma and Nicki having onstage experience in acting, their role as stage managers has given them a new perspective on behind the scenes tasks and a greater appreciation of all the additional effort that goes into making a production possible. Getting to know the younger girls and providing them with tips and lessons from their own experiences in drama, were enriching aspects of the role. It’s a role that Emma and Nicki would highly recommend to future students.

Emma and Nicki were just two of the backstage crew who helped make The Neverending Story a success. Thank you to all 16 of the girls who were involved behind the scenes.


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