Becoming A Servant Leader

Retreats and Reflection Days are a time to experience and hold the sacredness of all life.

The Year 11 Retreat is part of a series of retreats undertaken by students in Years 10 – 12. It is especially important for our Year 11 students about to embark on the process of electing students to lead the student community into 2020.

The theme of the Year 11 retreat is Servant Leadership. Students are encouraged to spend time reflecting upon leadership qualities, particularly those relevant in a Christian/Mercy context. That is, the call to servant leadership as exemplified in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and Catherine McAuley.

The theme of Servant Leadership is inspired by the biblical passage John 13:12-15 where Jesus shows an example of Servant Leadership while washing the feet of his followers, an act of humble service, and then encourages them to do the same.

The retreat aims to help students grow in understanding of themselves, others and God thus developing their understanding of what Servant Leadership means.


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