Bee Educated: Year 5s Learn About the Importance of Bees

Year 5 students are currently learning about adaptations in Science. The girls are learning about how adaptations help plants and animals survive in their natural environment. To extend on this topic, the girls were excited to welcome Roy Murphy from Bee Educated this week. This incursion was an excellent opportunity for the girls to see up close some of the structural features of bees and learn about the behaviour of these fascinating creatures.

Here is what some of the girls had to say:

I learnt a lot at the bee incursion. The best part was when I got to try the fresh honey, it was tasty.  I hope we get to learn more about bees in the future. This incursion will help me a lot with designing my bee hotel and I also learnt a lot about behavioural adaptations. Sophie 5.2

At the bee incursion, Roy told us about queen bees. He gave us some pollen to look at and also wax from the hive; it smelt like a candle. Bees work together like a family and the workers collect pollen and bring it back to the hive. Aria 5.2

We learnt all about the changes bees go through and how they are important for our survival. We also learnt how bees collect pollen to turn into honey. Freya 5.2

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