Being A Boarder

What are some of the differences between boarders and day girls?

The main differences between day girls and boarders, I find, is the difference in our daily routines. Boarders lives are pretty regulated. We have meals at a specific time, wake up at a specific time and study at a specific time. We all have the same meals each night and all of our schedules are very similar. Day girls seem to have a much looser schedule to their lives. Yes, they too have to come to school and be scheduled here but it ends at the school gates.

There are benefits to this difference though. Having a certain amount of time scheduled in for study every day in Boarding gives us boarders all the time (and help) we need to finish our school work. Living with 150 other girls gives you unlimited options for help with school work and other problems. Having 150 girls with you also gives you just about an unlimited wardrobe. If you don’t have a certain item of clothing, no worries! There are around 10 girls just in your house that could lend you it, if not something similar. Day girls, unfortunately, don’t have this liberty.

Day girls do have some advantages to boarders, in that they get to live with their parents and family. If there is one thing that boarders will tell you they miss, it’s their mum’s cooking. The food offered at Santa  is brilliant, but nothing beats your mum or dad’s cooking. But that does make going home and eating at the dinner table all the more special.

Although there are many differences between day girls and boarders, we are still all joined in our friendships and camaraderie.

Harriet Comerford-Smith, Head Boarder 2020

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