Beyond SMC

Last year, the Old Girls’ Association (OGA) surveyed past students from 2012 – 2016 on areas they felt the College could improve on, in preparing them for the ‘Big Wide World.’

The feedback suggested that many girls felt they needed more assistance in the following areas:

  • Finding a job
  • CV and interview skills
  • Time management
  • Tax
  • Bills & budgeting
  • Self defence
  • Wellness
  • University life

The OGA decided to organise and host workshops addressing these areas, to support the current graduates of the College.

Sharnee Commins, a parent at the College, has offered her assistance and is hosting workshops in her area of expertise.  Sharnee is a Recruitment Manager. She sources professionals looking for new opportunities, career changes and those who are seeking to start their own business, both in South Australia and Western Australia.

Sharnee has generously organised four workshops:

  1. Tips for Starting Your Career
  2. CV Building & Cover Letter  
  3. Interview Skills
  4. Finding A Job

“I had the pleasure of attending the first beyond SMC workshop hosted by Sharnee Commins on Wednesday. Being somebody who is fast approaching university graduation, it was really great to hear the advice of a seasoned recruiter. Sharnee talked us through the basics of how best to prepare ourselves for the job application process; and frightened us with insight into how far recruiters will dig into your life to find out who you really are (tip: triple check your social media accounts are set to private). I am so glad I attended and I am really  looking forward to the next few workshops.

Rosie Brown (2012)

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