Kayla Awarded Prestigious Co-op Scholarship at University of Technology Sydney

We always love learning about what our graduates get up to post-school.

Recently, we caught up with Kayla Monaco (Class of 2022) to chat about her plans for the future. We found out that Kayla was a recipient of a Bachelor of Accounting Co-op Scholarship at the University of Technology Sydney, worth a total of $54,000.

This co-op scholarship gives Kayla the opportunity to combine her study with industry training experience placements to round out her career development and professional experience. Kayla’s three-year degree includes two lots of six-month internships in blue chip companies in Sydney.  

We asked Kayla a few questions to learn more about her journey. Here is what she had to say:

What have you been up to since graduating from Santa Maria?

After my final exam, I flew over to Sydney as I was successful in securing an interview for the Bachelor of Accounting Co-op Scholarship. In mid-December, once my ATAR results were released, I received a phone call to advise that I had been successful in being selected for the program which meant I had to move to Sydney as it started on 3 January. Over Christmas, I spent time with family and friends and then moved to Sydney in late December. The last six months have been full-time study in preparation for my first internship at MA Financial, an Asset Management Company in Sydney. This internship will run for the next six months.  

What inspired you to study accounting?

I studied Accounting & Finance at Santa Maria College because I liked how it was applicable to the real-world regardless of what career pathway I chose. In Years 11 and 12, it was one of my favourite subjects, and I knew that I wanted to continue along this pathway at university.

What drew you to the Bachelor of Accounting Co-op Scholarship?

I initially wanted to study in Sydney because of the fast-paced atmosphere, particularly in the business field. I am very competitive and outgoing and wanted to do a course that would challenge me. One of my family friends in Sydney did a similar course, and I started doing research into the programs and thought it seemed perfect for me. The course has a good mix between in-class content as well as real-world exposure through internships and networking opportunities.

How have you been finding the course and university so far?

I have loved every part of the course so far. It has definitely been very challenging and a huge change, although it was the best decision I could have made. I have met so many amazing and smart people in the industry as well as some really nice friends in the cohort. I am really enjoying the course I have chosen and find the content really interesting. 

How do you think your time at Santa Maria College prepared you for life after school?

 I have found that university is quite similar to school, and the ATAR program has prepared me really well for university in terms of workload and studying for exams and tests. I was lucky to have done Accounting & Finance at school as I knew what I was signing up for in the degree and knew that I already had a passion for the subject before I started the degree. I also found that standing up and doing public speaking and debating in high school was a great way to work on soft skills that are really useful when sitting for interviews and presenting at university. The teachers were so supportive at Santa Maria, and the culture really instilled in me to go out and give things a go. Santa Maria really teaches students to be good, kind people and I feel as though the school has taught me so much and enabled me to get to where I am today.

What are your career goals for the future?

My future career goal is to continue to challenge myself in roles and add value to my employers. I would like to eventually be working in management, where I am out communicating and collaborating with teams.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Kayla! We look forward to seeing where this degree takes her… exciting times ahead!

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