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Isabelle Mosole (2012)

Isabella Mosole (2012) is currently in her final year at Notre Dame University studying a Commerce and Law double degree and juggles working three days a week as a paralegal at Squire Patton Boggs a global business firm with 47 offices across 20 countries.

Isabella primarily supports the regulatory and energy and natural resources teams, and says, on occasions, she’s had the opportunity to work collaboratively with counsel. All of which has enriched her knowledge and perception of the law and provided real-life context for the theory she learnt at University

With some of the most gratifying work that Isabella has done for the firm was for pro bono clients. She has loved having the opportunity to see matters progress from inception to resolution and seeing how her work impacts progress in real time.

Earlier this year Isabella was offered a graduate position, starting February 2019, and says the reward of job security with the well-respected and diverse law firm has made the effort of balancing study and employment worthwhile.

Grace Hendriks (2013)

We also spoke to Grace Hendriks (2013) about what she has been up to since leaving Santa Maria College.

What is one lesson you have learnt for the Big Wide World?

Seek out opportunities. Do what you love, and that will lead you down the path you were meant to take. Sometimes it is worth spending the time to work out what your core values are and where your passions really lie. For me I found spending time with likeminded people and involving myself in organisations that have similar values to my own, has lead me to discover many opportunities.

Who has helped you on this journey?

I think the greatest support I have had on this journey is from my friendship group. These girls are pretty special, and my closest ones are the ones I went to Santa Maria College with. I had such a supportive friendship. All of us are always striving to reach high achievements and be active role models, so I believe this has had a great influence on me.Any special projects you are undertaking? How did these come about?

At the moment I have two major projects that I am part of. These projects have both arisen from the experiences I had in school, where my passion for volunteering was discovered.

Firstly, this year I have become a Fairgame volunteer. Fairgame is a local organisation that recycles sporting equipment and promotes healthy communities in remote Australia, particularly the Indigenous. When at Santa Maria College I was lucky enough to go to Punmu; spending a week with the indigenous kids and their community members which I believe is where my passion for working in rural health began. That’s why I reached out to Fairgame so that I could pursue this passion. Fairgame has provided me the opportunity to volunteer in Karratha, Pannawonica, Roebourne, and Onslow. I can’t wait to partake in many more trips with them allowing me to pursue my desire to work in indigenous health.

Secondly, this year I am working setting up my on my own project.  When in Calcutta in India I found myself volunteering at Mother Teresa’s house. I was able to use my Physiotherapy skills to help a woman move her leg pain-free and prevent complications after a major fall. While returning from India decided I wanted to help more people and maybe set up a volunteering project.

My goal is to set up a project between the School of Physiotherapy at  Notre Dame and Mother Teresa’s House in Kolkata.  Physiotherapy students could travel to the Missionaries of Charity and volunteer their time in the various houses.  They could assist the Sisters with the daily chores but also liaise with the physiotherapy staff and share experiences and skills. This project is only in its early stages, but if I can accomplish it, I believe it is something I can look back on and be proud of.The vision for the future.

As of now, I believe my passion is using the skills I have learnt through physiotherapy degree as well as the health promotion side of it to help the disadvantaged that don’t have access to this information or services. Wherever that may lead me I know, I want to be able to make a difference somewhere in the world. Sometimes its hard to have a vision for the future because you may not know what that is. Five years ago if you asked me my vision for the future, it would be very different to what it is now. That dynamic change is something that I find is exciting about life.

What values at Santa Maria College did you learn and have taken with you through life?

I believe I have taken all the values I leant through Santa Maria College. My schooling experienced has shaped the person I am today and the aspects of life I am passionate about. Particularly the values of compassion and service I hold firmly with my volunteer work and my India project. As a school student sometimes you don’t understand the full meaning of these values, but as you begin to shape your life, you can see the lessons you learnt in school and how they influence you in the big wide world.We want to hear what you’ve been up to so email us at [email protected]

Fleur Brockway (2009) 
If you love the opera, one of our incredibly talented Old Girls, Fleur Brockway (2009), is starring in the West Australian Opera’s upcoming production of Carmen. It’s playing at His Majesty’s Theatre from July 21-28.
Fleur has also recently been accepted into the Royal College of Music in London, to complete an Artist Diploma in Opera. Less than ten singers accepted from around the world every year. You can read more on the link below. Fleur is also accepting donations to support her studies, the perfect tax deduction before the EOFY! 
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