Boarding Adventures: A Glimpse into the Exciting Lives of Our Students Outside School

You might wonder what our boarders get up to outside of school. From socials to ice skating, shopping trips to footy games, there is always plenty for our boarders to do.

Here is just some of the activities our boarders have been up to recently.

The Year 12 boarders recently enjoyed a special breakfast with their parents at Point Walter. It was a relaxing way to ease into the busyness of graduation and for the families to gather together one last time.

Year 10 boarders took part in a rite of passage: their city leave induction. The girls travelled to the city for the day, where they spent time visiting key places around the city and learning safety tips for future trips into the CBD. They can now travel to the city in groups of three or more. Year 10s have also been inducted into the fitness centre this week and can now use these facilities for fitness and wellbeing before and after school.

Boarders in Mandurah after Dolphin Cruise

Our younger boarders took part in a dolphin cruise around Mandurah. The girls had an amazing time watching a mum and calf frolicking around the boat. The day ended with an always popular trip to Macca’s – a great way to finish. 

Sport is always a constant with our boarders who play a variety of sport. As an example, in netball this year there were 86 boarders who played in a total of 26 teams for the Attadale Netball Club. Of these, 15 teams reached the grand final. In hockey, six of the seven teams our boarders play for also made it to the grand final. Amazing results for our sporty boarders. There is always a great show of community too with many of the boarders heading along to cheer on their friends. 

2023 Hockey Finals

We can’t mention boarding and not talk about the Coolock Cup, this event created by the Boarding Leaders, encourages cross year friendships, and builds community. Boarders from each team can gain points through competitions like themed dinner dress up prizes and recreational activities such as the Quiz Night held last term or the Splashtastic swimming event in Term 1. This year’s competition was hotly contested and will continue into 2024 with our newly elected Boarding Leaders.

Themed dinners are always a hit!

Jane Murray, Director of Boarding had this to say about the importance of these activities for the girls. “Boarding is a place where we build lasting friendships, invest in a home away from home and get involved as a community in a range of events and opportunities. It is also a place to recharge and reinvigorate when our students are not at school. Staff in boarding work with the boarders to design and implement the weekend plans, which is a critical way to honour student voice and empower our boarders. When boarders feel well, they learn well and our commitment to each one of them is upheld. In a time where digital media has deactivated face to face connections, our activities counter this and provide real time, real life options for our young people.”

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