Boarding Leaders’ Network at Santa Maria

Networking is a very effective way of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. We all know this, but it is often difficult to make the time to network when you are a student in a boarding college community.

Recently, Santa Maria College hosted a Year 12 Boarding Leaders’ Dinner to promote camaraderie and networking. Over 90 leaders from 15 boarding colleges throughout Perth gathered in the Recreation Centre to appreciate the view of the Swan River, share drinks and cheese, and engage in conversation and networking with other leaders. A very lively and loud scenario indeed!

Later, dinner was served in the newly refurbished dining hall where guest speaker, Jessica Hicks, spoke to the leaders. During her talk, Jessica spoke of the opportunities offered to her throughout her schooling and post graduate studies. She offered the leaders a few tips on how to make the most of their time prior to leaving school. She focussed on goal setting and offered the following tips for reaching your goals.

  • You have to want it
  • You have to be committed and consistent
  • You need to balance all aspects of your life – study, social, physical and mental aspects
  • You need to value friendships
  • You need to appreciate the significance of networking
  • You need to be flexible when things are not going according to plan
  • You should celebrate completion of tasks and reward yourself with little treats often
  • You should let your goals grow you

Jessica left the leaders with the following quote, “I am, I can and I will” to inspire them further in their life journeys.

The Year 12 leaders from Santa Maria College thank the visiting schools for participating in this worthwhile endeavour and hope to make the dinner an annual event.

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