Boarding Orientation

Our Boarding Orientation weekend was a great success due to the commitment of all in the community. The boarders worked hard at preparing their Houses for the new boarders, House Mothers welcomed families with great hospitality. All in the community worked together to make this weekend so enjoyable for all. Please see comments below from current boarders and new boarders in 2020.

Below are reflections from some of the boarders.

Boarding orientation is one of my favourite parts of the year in Boarding. The weekend we spend together is where you really see all of us come together as a community to show what boarding is all about. Seeing all of the girls support each other over the weekend is something I’m lucky to be a part of. Harriet Comerford-Smith, Head Boarder 2020

I love that all in the Boarding community work together to try and create the best possible experience for the new girls who are starting next year. We have such a great sense of community and family here at the College and it is evident over the course of every orientation.  Everyone steps up and becomes involved in the activities and the organisation of the event. Mackenzie Goss, Deputy Head Boarder

The thing that I enjoyed the most about this boarding weekend was being given the opportunity to warmly welcome the new girls into our community. I loved getting to know the girls by spending quality bonding time with them; learning about where they come from and what they love doing. It helped me to learn so many new things about myself and how to be a great leader and role model to the younger girls. Rachel Gilbert, Year 11, 2019

Orientation was a great experience for all the new girls. It shows how united we are as a community. I loved the activities on the oval with Miss Gamble, especially the massive game we played as a family. It shows that we have a lot of fun activities to do together. It was a really fun weekend. Zarah Squiers, Year 8

The things that I liked at the boarding orientation

  1. The movie night with all the boarders in the rec room
  2. Activities in the morning

At Boarder’s Orientation, we met our buddies and put all our things into their rooms.  After pizza for dinner, we all watched a movie in the rec centre and then went to bed. The next morning, we did fun games and activities and then had breakfast and watched a video, made by the Year 11 boarders. Arabella Goss, new Year 7 boarder in 2020

Thank you for my welcome to boarding on the weekend. I am counting down the days until I commence as a boarder at Santa Maria. My most enjoyable moments from the weekend would be when I simply got to sit down in my buddy’s room and talk to the other boarders in my Year, about what it is like to attend the College. I found this was a warm welcoming introduction for me to start to understand life as a boarder. Abby Luzny, new Year 9 boarder in 2020

Embracing Tradition: Praying the Rosary

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