Boarding Recreation Activities

Escape Hunt Fremantle

On Saturday night some of our Years 9 and 10 students went to Fremantle to do an Escape Room. It was great to get out of the Boarding house and have fun. There was lots of laughter coming from each room as we all tried to escape. Going to McDonald’s after was the best part! 


Glow Rooms

The Glowing Rooms is a relatively new business in Perth. It is a business developed by a young man who saw something similar in the UK. The glowing rooms is a unique 3D mini golf experience. The golf balls appear to hover off the ground and as you move through the rooms you experience animals coming to life, so much so that you feel like you want to reach out and touch them. The glowing rooms recreation activity was attended by many of the Years 7 and 8 boarders. The girls also mingled with boarders from Aquinas. On all accounts, the afternoon was a great success and many have requested to do it again next year.


Karrinyup Shopping Centre

All years groups were invited to attend Karrinyup Shopping Centre on Sunday 6 September. Hale and St Hilda’s were also at the centre at a similar time. Some of our boarders caught up with friends from these schools. The girls reported the shops were very similar to Carousel, however the food options were not as good. Nevertheless, a great time was had by all and many fashion items were purchases.

Upcoming Recreation Activities

Week 8
In-house recreation – a quiet weekend in for all year groups. However it will still be very busy as the boarding community prepares for the farewell ceremonies of our Year 12 boarders.

Week 9

Thursday 17 September
SMC Boarders’ Netball Windup

Sunday 19 September
Year 7 Ninja Warrior course

Sunday 19 September
Year 8 – 12 Scarborough Beach for lunch, fresh air, a walk along the ocean and to check out the fantastic skate park

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