Boarding Recreation Activities

On Sunday 20 September the Year 7s went to Ninja Academy. First, we met Ninja Katie Thomas (who will be on the 2020 Ninja Warrior) at the academy.

We started off with safety talk so that we knew what to do. Then we went to the warm-up area/kids area which had an obstacle course. Although it looked quite easy it was really hard. It was a bunch of hanging obstacles that were all different and really hard. After 10-20 minutes of doing that we went out to the adults’ area where there were two warped walls .One was the official size of the Australian Ninja Warrior course. Most of us did really well and got pretty high. Addison got all the way to the top!

Later we left the academy and went to the Innaloo Shopping Centre. We had an hour there to do any shopping we wanted. It was a really good experience, and lots of fun and I think everyone enjoyed it.  
Vashti Fuchbishler, Year 7

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