Boarding Recreation Activities


Water Town Brand Outlet Centre
Date – Friday 31 July
Year Group – Years 9 – 12
With St Hilda’s and Aquinas Boarders (not Aquinas Boarders for Year 11 & 12)
Time – 6.15 pm – 9.00 pm
Cost – $5.00 transport 

Bowling Zone Cannington
Date – Saturday 1 August
Year Group – Year 7 & 8
With Aquinas Boarders
Time – 6.10 pm – 8.30 pm

Cost $21 including transport


Last Saturday night, girls from Years 9 and 10 went ice skating. It felt great to get out of the house and start to have recs again. After some falls and tumbles, we all got the hang of it eventually and ended up having a great night.
Tayla Beagley Year 10


The Perth Zoo was brilliant. The animals were particularly active including the elusive sun bear, the cute baby otters, the reclusive echidnas, the majestic big cats and of course the elephants. With several food vans now on site there was plenty of choice. 

It was a particularly busy day today with many family groups enjoying the beautiful weather, the gardens and of course the animals. Great experience all round!
Ella Lydeamore Year 11

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Perth Zoo. For some of us, it had been a really long time since we had been there. We walked around the zoo for three hours. In this time we watched the elephant, Tricia, do her exercises and saw the koala with her baby. It was incredible to see the orangutans swinging high in the trees, playing in their enclosure, it looked like a playground. To finish off we went to the gift shop, where we saw extremely overpriced teddies and stuffed animal toys. Overall the trip was really good, it was fun to go back to the zoo after such a long time. Thanks to Cathy for taking us and Mrs Carmody for organising. 
Caity Hester Year 11


Bubble soccer was a huge hit with everyone! All year groups were invited to participate, however it was the Years 7 – 10 girls that were the majority. It was such a hit that we will offer it again next year!

Bubble soccer is a game of soccer, with two teams and each player is inside a massive blow-up ball. Players cannot see their feet or other players for that matter. Whenever a player attempts to kick the ball, they end up falling over and bouncing around. Very entertaining to watch! I believe one of our parents may indeed be booking the Perth Bubble Soccer for a local footy event. We would love photos of this too!

What A Term! So Many Opportunities – Jennifer Oaten

As I look back on the past nine weeks, I am so grateful for who we are as a community and what we have achieved. Through the dedication of our staff and the enthusiasm of our students, we have established new connections, immersed ourselves in opportunities and worked through challenges.

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