Boarding Week: That’s a Wrap!

National Boarding Week is held annually, and it provides an opportunity for us to showcase the diversity and culture within our boarding school through different activities held for the whole school. It gives our day students a glimpse into life as a boarder.

At Santa Maria College, we have over 150 boarders who play an important part in our school’s culture. They are fun, always happy to try things, and always the first to participate in activities. They support one another and are always there for their boarding sisters.

Boarding Mural

Boarding Week was launched this year with the unveiling of the Boarding mural, a project undertaken by our boarders to show the many places they come from. The mural, comprising 150 hand-painted mini canvases, intricately weaves together the landscape of Western Australia. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this remarkable project a reality!

Tours of Boarding

Throughout recess on Tuesday and Wednesday, some of our boarders offered tours of their boarding houses. This insight into the boarders’ lives proved to be very popular. The tour guides offered the in-depth tour, sharing funny anecdotes and their favourite spaces around boarding.

Boarding PCT

Thursday was especially meaningful as our boarders had the opportunity to dress in casual attire and ‘town tops’, proudly representing their hometowns. During PCT, the girls shared a heartfelt video they had crafted, providing glimpses of their hometowns and their pets. Following this, day students too the opportunity to ask questions of the boarders, such as “What do House mums do?” and “How do you spend your weekends?” This served as a wonderful chance for the day girls to gain deeper insights into their friends’ lives and strengthen the College community even more. It was great to see the boarders sharing their stories so passionately. The girls are very proud of where they come from. They are also very proud of being independent and resilient boarders.


To conclude our Boarding Week, the boarders challenged the day girls to a volleyball game. It was a tough competition with a large crowd of supporters, but in the end, it was, fittingly, the boarding team who took the win 27 to 23, proving just how formidable our boarders can be.

Congratulations to our boarders and Jane Murray, Director of Boarding, for a wonderful week. We have loved learning more about our boarders and the wonderful spirit they bring to Santa Maria College.

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