Book Week: Dreaming with Eyes Open

The Sawle Centre has had some extra foot traffic over the past few days, thanks to Book Week! 

The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s theme for this year was “Dreaming With Eyes Open”.

During the Years 5 and 6 library classes, students explored what this theme meant to them: using their imagination, being creative, envisaging a different future, visualising themselves in the story, daydreaming whilst reading, and more.

Here is what a couple of the girls had to say:

It means to me, that you can imagine and see what is going on in the book. I can visualise what is happening and include myself in the story. I love books. I can always replay it in my head like a movie. I don’t really imagine the characters much, but I do of the adventure. Lucy 6.8

Dreaming with eyes open means that I get to travel around the world without leaving my house!  I get to dream about dragons and kingdoms, knights and pawns, mysteries and death, pain and joy, and so much more! Mahua 5.2

Aside from library class activities, a ‘guess the book from the emoji’ competition was held each morning, broadcast into Homerooms via Vivi. Additionally, students could engage in a ‘guess the book by the map’ competition, hosted on the College’s online library portal.

Throughout the week, each time students borrowed a book, they were also given a bookmark. This bookmark had a scratchy sticker on it. Once scratched, this revealed if they were an instant winner, or a second chance winner, which meant putting their bookmark into a competition box for a chance to win a book!

We sat down with Amanda Crossley, Head of Library & Information, and Amy Hollingsworth, Teacher Librarian, to gain some further insight into what Book Week was all about. 

“Book Week here at Santa Maria is all about encouraging our girls to read for pleasure. Reading for pleasure refers to the reading of self-selected materials for enjoyment, rather than assessment.”, says Amy.

“We have been overwhelmed with the response from the girls. It is lovely to see so many familiar, and unfamiliar faces in the library enjoying this wonderful space and the wonderful collection.”, says Amanda.

“The most rewarding part of Book Week for us is hearing students passionately talk about books they love. Their excitement for literature is infectious.”, adds Amanda.

Like many other skills in life, literacy is a skill that we lose if we do not use it, so encourage your daughter to pick up a book from the Sawle Centre whenever she gets the chance!  

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