Brain Bee Challenge

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On Monday 25 July, myself and five others travelled to the University of Western Australia to compete in the state finals for the Brain Bee Challenge. This is a national neuroscience competition for Year 10 students. We had already completed Round 1 and were chosen to advance to Round 2 based on the scores we had achieved earlier.

In Round 2, we were given the task of memorising a specific neuroscience book called Brain Facts. This was an enormous task as the book included quite advanced neurological concepts.” However, each week we were able to participate in lessons leading up to Round 2, designed to prepare us for this task.

When the day arrived our nerves were high but we were also excited. After being welcomed and listening to an introduction from the organisers and a past winner, the first individual challenge took place. We all took part and tried very hard. Then we participated in the first team challenge. Four of us competed in this round and were extremely pleased with our efforts.

After the first two challenges, we enjoyed morning tea followed by a tour of the neuroscience division and anatomy labs. We heard presentations by PhD neuroscience students before eating lunch.

It was then time for the nerve-wracking portion of the competition, finding out if any of our students, or the team, were to advance to the next round. Excitingly, the team was selected to take part in the finals and we eventually came third overall!  We all had an immense amount of fun and did extremely well.

Stephanie Haines (Year 10, Byrne)

The girls who attending the Brain Bee Challenge were:

  • Stephanie Haines
  • Isi Ogwu
  • Rebecca Perse
  • Bridget Davis
  • Sharon Potula
  • Cailee Lamond
This article is brought to you by Santa Maria College a WA Catholic Girls Schools – Years 5 – 12

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