Brain Stem Students Look at Neuroscience at Murdoch Uni

The Year 10 Brain Stem students attended an excursion this week, at Murdoch University, which focussed on the study of Neuroscience.  Students had the opportunity to participate in workshops, which demonstrated the way current technology is being used to gather data about the way the brain functions. The girls volunteered to have their brainwaves monitored and experienced wearing some pretty new age headgear!

A highlight was the presentation by neuroscientist, Dr Sarah Etherington, who shared her career pathway to becoming a neuroscientist and demonstrated some of the tests she conducts in her research into the electrical nature of nervous transmissions.

The excursion reinforced many of the concepts the students have already encountered and provided context and purpose to their studies. Many thanks to the Outreach Department and Neuroscience Department at Murdoch University for making the excursion possible for the students.


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