BrainSTEM Students’ Focus on Neuroscience

BrainSTEM is an elective course that extends our Year 10 science students. It allows them to explore cutting-edge areas of science above and beyond what is offered in the regular science curriculum, particularly in the areas of neuroscience and biotechnology. 

The neuroscience focus allows students to explore the fascinating world of the human brain and nervous system. The girls study the structure of the brain and nervous system and examine its role in coordinating the human body. During class, the girls have been monitoring electrical-like signals associated with a nervous transmission. To expand on this, the class was fortunate to have guest presenters from Murdoch University, Tamara Hourani, Associate Lecturer in cell biology; Clare Auckland, Technical Officer, Physiology and Pharmacology and Outreach Officer Jane Goldsmith, present a workshop on the topic this week.

The presenters shared their knowledge and spoke about their career pathways, including their undergraduate and postgraduate studies and their research projects. They complimented the studies the class had carried out, monitoring nervous signals by demonstrating equipment used to test the electrical signalling in damaged and undamaged nerves.

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