Breaking Through with Father Rob Galea

Fr Rob Galea is an ordained Catholic Priest, currently serving in Sandhurst Diocese, Victoria, after moving to Australia from Malta, his home country. He is the founder and executive director of FRG Ministry, a charity organisation that ministers to over 1.4 million people each year across the world.

We were very fortunate to welcome Fr Rob to the College to speak to Years 10 and 11 students from Santa Maria and CBC Fremantle this week.

Fr Rob is a singer and songwriter who has released eight albums. He is also an internationally acclaimed author of the book ‘Breakthrough, a Reflective Journal’. He was also selected to sing and write the English and international versions of the official 2008, 2016, and 2019 World Youth Day songs. He has been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows worldwide and was a contestant on The X Factor in 2015. Fr Rob’s book Breakthrough is planned to be released as a Hollywood movie in 2025.

Fr Rob has a significant evangelistic and outreach ministry as a speaker to students and teaching staff, as well as speaking and singing at conferences and churches around Australia and the world. In all this, whilst greatly appreciating his gifts, he recognises that before everything, he is a follower of Christ, a priest and only then, a speaker, musician and artist.

Together with his drummer, Zeb Fernandez, our students were very excited to listen and marvel at the stories and life lessons Fr Rob presented.

In his presentation to us, titled ‘Testimony’, Fr Rob spoke about his conversion story. A journey from addiction, violence and hopelessness to hope and purpose. Through his talk, students and staff alike came to an understanding that God is a personal God interested in us. He loves us and calls us into relationship no matter how far from or close to Him we are. Fr Rob also spoke passionately to us about not being afraid to embrace life, reminding us of the ‘big buts’ in our lives. We often want to do something, but we are too embarrassed or too scared about what others will think, or think that we can’t do it. Fr Rob challenged us to get rid of our buts and throw ourselves into every opportunity that comes our way, knowing that God will always have our backs.

The feedback received from staff and students present was overwhelmingly positive, with many staying after the presentation to thank, speak with, wait for an autograph, and take plenty of photos with both Fr Rob and Zeb! On behalf of both Colleges, we thank Fr Rob and Zeb for sharing their gifts and talents with our communities.

Melissa Trolio, Director of Mission


If you are interested in further information about Fr Rob, please see the links provided below.


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