Busy Week in Science

There has been a lot going on in Science this week!

Year 9 classes have been learning about prisms, visible light and using filters to see what happens when different colours of light are mixed.

“In Science, we have been learning about light, in particular, refraction, reflection and colour. I thoroughly enjoyed this topic as we got to use the light boxes to show what happens with light when shone at different mirrors and lenses and we were able to mix colours.” Lauren Winship

“I really found this light topic interesting, especially creating the rainbow spectrum and learning about reflection!” Abbey Winship

“I loved learning about the colour topic. The rainbow spectrum was so interesting and so cool.” Olivia Taliangis

Year 9 Marine Science girls dissected blue swimmer crabs, learning about adaptations to life in an estuarine environment.

“The dissection of crabs was really interesting as we were able to see the different parts of the crab and how they adapt and move in their environments. I was very jealous of the fish who we gave the fresh crab meat too! ” Lauren Winship

“In Marine Science, we dissected some blue crabs! This was really fun and interesting to discover all the different parts of the crab.” Abbey Winship

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