Byrne House Spirit Higher Than Ever


House spirit is alive and well at Santa Maria and the interhouse volleyball competition was an event not to miss!  Every recess on Wednesdays and Thursdays, girls had the opportunity to showcase their excellent volleyball skills and great cheerleading.

As you can imagine, it’s quite a game. The girls played relentlessly and fiercely, all in an effort to win the coveted interhouse volleyball trophy. With some friendly competition and lots of passionate cheering from the sidelines, the girls serve, set and dig to win big! A huge thank you to Ms Goode for coordinating the matches and to Keely Hebiton, our sports captain, for organising the event.

As the Byrne House Captains, we find working alongside the girls, cheering from the sidelines and getting to know our fellow Byrnians so special. We have been privileged with the unique role, allowing us to encourage House spirit, and we are so pleased to see the mass of support from our committed House members. We are thrilled to be the captains of such an amazing House, particularly working alongside our House Coordinator, Ms de San Miguel. House Spirit in Byrne has never been higher. Especially coming off our epic win of the interhouse volleyball competition this week!

Arianna Tolardo & Alexandra Downing, Byrne House Captains

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