Carol Oetiker (2016)

What has been your journey since leaving Santa Maria College?

When I left Santa Maria College, I was offered an apprenticeship from my work experience, to be a pastry chef. I was an apprentice for three years and in December became a qualified pastry chef. I now run my kitchen as the head chef and am currently teaching my new apprentice the tricks of the trade. My life consists of working full time most days with the odd 3.00 am start. It has also been a big experience living out of home and on my own in the city but have come to adjust to the hectic roads and busy crowds.

What has been a highlight along the way?

The highlight of the last couple of years would be how far I have come since being a first-year apprentice. I was thrown into the deep end when I started work. I had to adjust to many changes and constantly step up. As much as my apprenticeship was a lot of hard work and long hours, it paid off in the end. I enjoy every part of my job, whether it’s the cleaning, the food prep, or decorating cakes.

What is one of your fondest memories from your time at Santa Maria College?

My fondest memory of school would be the Boarding community. It was such a big difference from living at home to living with all your friends. It was the best five years of my life with all the girls and I still catch up with some of them to this day. I would also say that the food technology course was also one of my favourites, as I could do what I loved to do – cooking.

Carol Oetiker (2016) Boarding Student

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