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Boarding Blogs

Modern Boarding School Room

5 Myths of Boarding School

Back in the day, parents used to threaten children with being sent to boarding school if they were poorly behaved. The idea was odious. It raised images of cruel adults and stark, bleak corridors leading to overcrowded dormitories. The modern reality couldn’t be further from the truth; however, some of the mythology remains. Let’s debunk some of the myths of boarding school.

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Two boarders running along the river at Point Walter

The Advantages of Boarding School

In Australia, boarding schools offer unique opportunities for rural students who lack local secondary education options. This blog explores the advantages of boarding, addressing parental concerns and highlighting the positive impact on students’ academic, social, and personal development. Insights from psychologist Jane Carmignani reveal how boarding environments foster resilience, independence, and strong relationships, ensuring that boarding is a beneficial choice for many families.

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