Knowing Girls

Knowing Girls

What Boarders Bring To A School

Australian boarding schools offer an opportunity for kids from sparsely-populated rural areas to receive high quality education. They offer kids an amazing array of opportunities and facilities that wouldn’t be available to them at home. However, what we often don’t talk about is what boarders offer the rest of the school. What do these kids bring to the students from the city?

The Upside of Social Media

Social media receives a lot of criticism. It is often a forum for bullying, fake news, and is a poor influence on our mental health and self-esteem. Are there any positives for our children in using these platforms?

Not All Opinions Are Equal

We are all very good at judging other people’s ideas and opinions, but how good are we at examining our own? And are we teaching children to be self-reflective, logical, and critical?

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