Knowing Girls

Knowing Girls

Sparents (Spare parents)

The first time I heard the expression ‘sparent’ was six years ago. It was around the same time as my first nephew was born. My brother thought that the idea of sparents was brilliant, especially when there was a particularly hideous nappy to change. In reality it is only the term ‘sparent’ that is new, the concept of caring adults outside of the home has always existed. Unfortunately there are less and less of these people being utilised, despite abundant research showing the significant role that they can play in the life of a child.

The Death of Male Teachers

Most people remember at least some of their teachers from primary school. I remember every single one. They had a huge effect on me. They’re probably the reason I became a teacher. My favourite was Mr Romeo. He taught me in Years 5 and 6. These days he would be an anomaly. One of the 18.3% of male primary teachers in Australia. And according to recent research, in 50 years his kind will be extinct. There will be no male primary teachers by 2067. Secondary teachers won’t be far behind.

Creating Creativity

Creativity is the way we move forward personally and as a society. It is the way we show our souls and it is how we solve our tricky problems. What most people don’t realise is that creativity can be learned. Even if people’s creative talent varies. It is a skill like any other that can be practised and improved. So what stops our schools from teaching more creativity?

Beating Loneliness by Madonna King

How can our daughters be so connected, and yet often feel so utterly, utterly alone? That irony surfaced in the research of my book Being 14: Helping fierce teens become awesome women. Interviews with almost 200 of them showed they were permanently connected, living in a world of touch screen and wifi, of devices and apps, of television on demand, music in the pocket, and instant gratification. And that was what they saw as the divider between their generation, and that of their parents.

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