Knowing Girls

Knowing Girls

When Kids Don’t Fit In

At some stage most kids feel left out and alone at school. There are lots of reasons for this. How do we help those kids and how do we create a culture of inclusion?

What You Need To Know About Girls And Their Frenemies

In schools we talk constantly about protecting girls from harm. We teach them about paedophiles, on-line grooming, sexting, and the harm caused by drug and alcohol use. In reality, the more likely destructive influence on an adolescent girl’s day to day life is the damage they do to one another in their friendship groups…Relational aggression.

Growing Brave Kids

It is important that we raise brave kids. We want them to take risks intellectually, emotionally and physically. Here’s the how and why of bravery in kids.

Teens and Alcohol

Teenagers and alcohol are a dangerous combination. What do we need to teach kids in order to keep them safe when the time comes?

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