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May, The Month of Mary

May is one of the months dedicated to Our Lady. This week the Church commemorates the second appearance of Our Lady to three shepherd children at Fatima.

Welcome Back Boarders!

Our Boarding Community is again alive with laughter, love and fun.The returning boarders have bought back a greater appreciation of this wonderful community.

Introverts and COVID-19 – Jennifer Oaten

With current COVID-19 restrictions in place, I feel no guilt about wanting to stay at home on Friday night and sit on the couch, rather than attending a social gathering. There is no one I have to see, and nowhere I have to go!

A Mother’s Love

The tenderness and unconditional acceptance of a mother for her child stands out as two aspects that reveal God’s love for us.

Environmental Awareness

In the Year 10 Outdoor Education Environmental Awareness unit, the girls have been learning all about our environment, how human activity is harming our environment, and what we as individuals can do to make a difference.

The Importance of Connection

With the majority of our students returning to face-to-face learning this week, we are reminded of the importance of connection, now more than ever.

The Future Of Education Has Arrived – Jennifer Oaten

In the past six weeks, Education has changed more than it has in 100 years. The disruption caused by COVID-19 has pushed teachers well out of their comfort zone and given them little choice to but to learn new technologies one day and the next, to be implementing it with classes.

A Labour of Love

Religious Education and Home Economics teacher, Andrea Dopson, recently took on a labour of love, creating four new altar cloths for the College.

Choosing a School for Your Daughter

Choosing a school for your daughter may seem like a daunting task. There are so many variables and everyone has an opinion. It can be overwhelming. I think the first thing to remember is that ultimately, it’s about your child.

Family Resilience – Jennifer Oaten

Family resilience is the ability to develop and grow strengths that can help you meet life’s challenges, being able to work through problems in a positive way and to emerge stronger from the situation.

What Does Holy Week Mean For Us?

Easter is an opportunity for us to transform our lives and seek new ways to encounter God. It is the perfect time to consider all the things we are grateful for.

Cross Country Challenge

The Interhouse Cross Country Carnival was due to run today, so we asked staff and students to share their running shots from home in a House challenge.

Ask Any Girl!

Last night would have been opening night for the 2020 production, Ask Any Girl. Instead, the cast and crew have created a parody. Sit back, relax and watch as the 2020 cast and crew of Ask Any Girl, put on a different show for you.

Year 7s Keeping Gratitude Journals

As part of their Mercy Wellbeing Program, the Year 7s will be keeping their own gratitude journals to remind themselves of the ‘good’ they experience in everyday life.

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