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Archbishop’s LifeLink Day

Like many things this year the annual Archbishop’s LifeLink Day had to be cancelled. Instead, the Just Leadership group had the opportunity to view the Launch via video.

Rest is Good For Your Soul

Rest is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It affects our wellbeing, productivity, and our ability to think. With the holidays approaching, it’s important we rest and recharge.

Technology Day Celebrations

Technology Day gives us a moment to stop and appreciate the incredible networks, devices and connections that link our modern world. The power of technology, however, originates in humans and in our need to connect.

Meet the Need

When young people understand the importance of meeting the needs of others, they gain a sense of purpose that can foster resilience and further their own success.

Mercy Sisters Share Their Stories

Year 10 Religious Education classes have been studying vocations. They were invited to research a religious order. The class felt the obvious choice would be to research the Sisters of Mercy.

Cross Country COVID Style

The IGSSA Cross Country event went ahead on Friday in a modified format. It was the first interschool sporting event to run since Term 1 and COVID-19.

Meet Our Staff: John Wray, Campus Dean

You’ve probably seen the amazing morning sunrise photographs taken at the College. These are usually taken by John Wray, Campus Dean. This week we learn more about him in the Meet Our Staff series.

Power of The Pause

The power of the ‘pause’ is so significant in our online lives today as poor judgement can have a long term impact. If only you had paused.

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