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Year 8s Thrive on Explore8

It’s been exciting times for the Year 8s over the past two weeks. Their involvement in Explore8 means they have been off the traditional timetable for ten days and working on their own design-thinking, extended project.

What Are You Thankful For?

The 2019 school year is quickly coming to an end and it’s a great time to reflect back over the year and think about the things we are thankful for. We asked some of our staff to share what they are thankful for.

Year 10 Design

The Year 10 Design students have had a great time exploring pattern and interior design, this Term, which has resulted in amazing final pieces.

Year 10 Touch Football Gala

The College oval was full of colour, excitement, cheering, umpiring calls, music and fun on Monday afternoon with the inaugural Year 10 Touch Football Gala.

Students Create Indigenous Mural

As part of Santa4Santa day, the YARN co-curricular group organised a local Indigenous artist to come to the College to help the group create a mural in the fitness centre.

Year 7 Activity Day

Year 7 students from Santa Maria and Aquinas College enjoyed a fun afternoon of games last week, giving students the opportunity to develop new friendships.

Year 6 Students Reflect and Celebrate

In celebration of the end of primary school, our Year 6 girls enjoyed a day of celebration and reflection last week. This rite of passage into high school has become a tradition here at Santa Maria.

Welcome to Western Australia!

Students from the Santa Maria Seeds of Justice leadership group attended a ‘Welcome to WA’ picnic for refugee families and hosted by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Santa Students On Exchange

This year, 11 French and Italian Language students in years 10 and 11 will be traveling to Italy or France on exchange. Students will be spending 6 or 8 weeks immersing themselves in the Italian or French language and culture.

Code Quest

Santa Maria College Year 6 students have taken their coding skills very seriously by entering the international code quest competition hosted by Grok Learning

The Value of Student Voice – Jennifer Oaten

“At Santa Maria College, we are not only given the opportunity, but we are encouraged by our teachers and each other to voice our opinions, concerns and ideas—to continue moving forward as a school and as a community. Student voice is integral for growth, and allows for us, as students to have an active role in shaping our education.”

Year 6s ‘Sell It’

Year 6s showed creativity and teamwork in designing, advertising and selling products for their ‘Sell It’ project.

Santa4Santa Day

Santa4Santa day is a day of Christmas celebrations to fundraise for those less fortunate. The money raised is combined with the donations and items collected for the Christmas Appeal and is donated to St Vincent de Paul, the Shopfront and St Patrick’s in Fremantle.

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