Celebrating Caritas Day

The Santa Maria annual Caritas fundraising and awareness day was held during recess and lunch today. Leaders of each service group created food stalls or other activities.

This fundraising initiative is always an amazing opportunity for our College to raise awareness about important issues and a great chance for the entire Santa Maria community to be a part of social justice action.

All proceeds from today support Caritas Australia in their goal to ‘Create a Just Future’ and bring Australians together in solidarity with the world’s poor to promote justice and uphold dignity.

The ‘Water Walking’ game was included today where students carried a container of water on their heads and had to walk without dropping it to raise awareness of the distances women and girls walk daily to collect water in disadvantaged regions of the world. Another game our girls could be involved in was ‘Spin the Wheel’, a social justice game aiming to educate students on issues affecting women in society.

All the activities and stalls were well supported, and our girls looked as if they were having a great time!

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