Celebrating Excellence in Years 5 and 6

The hard work and dedication of our Years 5 and 6 students, both in and out of the classroom, was celebrated this morning at their Awards Ceremony and Art Exhibition.

Speaking to the students, Simone Sawiris, Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning, spoke about the story of Auggie from the book ‘Wonder’. She reminded the girls of the importance of looking beyond what is on the outside. In Auggie’s case, despite his challenges due to facial differences, he displayed immense bravery by choosing to be seen for his heart, intellect, and kindness, and in doing so, he inspired others to embrace their true selves. Simone said “His story reminds us that the most significant aspect of who we are is our character. And sometimes, it takes courage to be our true selves.”

Simone also reminded students of the words of Winnie the Pooh. She said, “These are not mere words; they are a call to action – a reminder that within each of you lies a spirit capable of overcoming any obstacle. So, when things get tough, as they sometimes will, let these words echo in your hearts. Let us continue to support one another, celebrate our differences, and work together to make our school a place where everyone feels that they belong.”

Congratulations to all Years 5 and 6 students who have given their best in 2023, our Year of Excellence.

Below are the Years 5 & 6 award winners.


Academic Endeavour
Alison Drury
Sherie Ji
Emma Law
Mia Shan

Academic Excellence
Ayla Crawshaw
Helena Hood
Arianna Steadman
Emileah Steadman
Ania Watson

Year 5 Mercy Award
Jasmine Faiello
Ella McBride


Academic Endeavour
Millineta Huang
Elise Nguyen
Eva Smith
Leila Smith

Academic Excellence
Isabelle Bong
Ava Kemp
Mahua Madan
Sophie Widjaja

Year 6 Mercy Award
Lila Hess
Genevieve Pecotic

Year 6 Anna Maria Doyle Award
Alice Gray
Ivy Harris-Close


Byrne House
Bethania Falade

Corbett House
Lauren Chew

de la Hoyde House
Poppy Hambling

Dillon House
Lily Hicks

Frayne House
Valentine Kaye

Kelly House
Addison Masci

O’Donnell House
Erin Breen

O’Reilly House
Paige Gilmour

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