Celebrating Friendship & Community: Our Annual Golden Girls Luncheon

Santa Maria College held its annual Golden Girls Luncheon this week, a much-awaited event among our past students. Over 100 ladies attended, including students from as far back as the Class of 1946, to the newest additions to our Golden Girls from the Class of 1973. This event is highly anticipated each year on both the Old Girls’ Association and College calendars, and again this year, it did not disappoint.

The ladies were greeted by our Year 7 leaders, who did an excellent job escorting the ladies to the event. It was a unique opportunity for our students to hear first-hand accounts of the Golden Girls’ times at the College, exciting stories of shared experiences, and how much things have changed.

On arrival, the ladies were treated to great music from the College Flute Quartet, led by former student and College music tutor, Rebecca McGregor (2008). It was a beautiful accent to the warmth and excitement of the guests as they reconnected with old friends and made new ones too.

Principal Jennifer Oaten delivered a speech, recalling the many changes that the school has undergone over recent years and how fantastic they have been. This highlighted the College’s ability to transition successfully into a future-forward institution while treasuring its proud heritage. The guests commended the excellent work done by the school leadership.

One of the fun moments of the day was when Gwen Wood (1963) pulled out her old school hat, causing quite the excitement among the guests. It’s moments like these that make the Golden Girls Reunion Lunch a beautiful celebration.

A big shout-out to the Year 11 students who did an impressive job serving and attending to our guests. Their hard work and dedication helped make the day a success.

The annual Golden Girls Reunion Lunch is truly a highlight of the Old Girls’ Association and the College. It is a time to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and celebrate the bond the ladies share with Santa Maria College. The success of the event shows that alumni activities and events like this are essential for a school’s community spirit. It builds on existing relationships and keeps the school’s heritage alive, ensuring that legacies don’t get forgotten.

We welcome all alumni back with open arms, excited to hear their stories, share memories with them, and relive the values that Santa Maria College represents. Until next year, we hope that our Golden Girls may continue to live life with a zest for community, friendship, and shared experiences.

the Winter Appeal and Outreach Mass at Santa Maria College.

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