Celebrating Our Golden Girls

Our annual Golden Girls Luncheon was a wonderful celebration of friendship and community for the Santa Maria Old Girls. The 65 ladies who attended were students of the College between the years 1940 – 1968. Many remarked on the amazing changes to the College, the beautiful view from the College Community Room and the delicious lunch.

Some of the ladies shared memories of the old tuck shop days and one of the Sister’s of Mercy who used to make the girls pasties for lunch as well as sew all their uniforms! 

Thank you to all the Year 11 girls who did an amazing job of serving and clearing after the event, the Year 7 girls who escorted the ladies to lunch and all the wonderful staff who made this a very memorable day for the Golden Girls. 

This was Jacqui Daniels’ last official event in the role of OGA Coordinator and it bought a tear to many people’s eyes. We wish Jacqui well as she invests more time in her wonderfully creative clothing and accessories business, Nestd.

The Golden Girls Luncheon is an event that these ladies look forward to seeing on their calendar each year. They are all looking forward to attending again in 2020.

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