Celebrating Our Mother Daughter Connection

It is not very often that mothers can find a chunk of time to spend one on one with their children, so when the opportunity arises, you have to grab it with both hands! Such an opportunity arose at the Year 12 Mother-Daughter Breakfast last Sunday.

The Parent Network, in conjunction with the College, made this event very special indeed. Fremantle Sailing Club was delicately embellished with roses and sparkles, which set the warm and nurturing mood for the morning. There was a joyous buzz in the air, mothers and daughters catching up with friends, snapping photos and enjoying the scrumptious breakfast.

There were a few highlights of the morning – daughters presented handwritten letters to their mothers. You could hear the sniffles amongst the laughter! Our guest speaker, past student Catherine Kolomyjec (Burgess, 1986) spoke about her journey through Santa Maria and beyond, into motherhood. The joys and trials that it ultimately brings and how through strength, courage and gratitude, you can shift the way you see the world.

Below are reflections from some of the mums and daughters who attended the breakfast.

What a beautiful morning, taking a pause in this crazy busy final year, to acknowledge us as mum’s and our daughters, and to fill the tank with some warm & fuzzies. Receiving those letters from our daughters, was a lovely surprise and for me an absolute treasure. The Guest speaker was on point, and so brave showing her vulnerability in sharing her stories so openly. Thank you to the organisers. Meagan Xanthis

The mother-daughter breakfast was special to me as it was an opportunity to really show our appreciation for the many thing mothers and important female role models in our life have done, sacrificed and taught us to help us grow into the people we are today. These are often things in which myself and I would say many others take for granted, this year has been busy and it was great to have some personal time with our mums. Nicki Xanthis 

A beautiful morning celebrating the strong bonds of love between mother and daughter. The College and Parent Network are to be congratulated for their organisation and meaningful touches to make the breakfast such a memorable event. Jacqui Daniels

This breakfast was special to me as I had the opportunity to tell my mum how much I love and appreciate her and all she does for me. Sophie Daniels 

What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning! The Mother-daughter breakfast was a joyous event spending invaluable moments with my daughter Maddy alongside other amazing mothers and daughters. The guest speaker Catherine Burgess brought us to tears with her personal stories of motherhood and reminded us all that it’s kindness, understanding and love of each other that are the most endearing qualities a person can have. Thank you, Santa Maria, for giving us this fun time with our treasured daughters.  Simone O’Grady

 It was special, not only to spend time with my daughters but also to connect as a community of women, who have shared at least the last 5 years of schooling. Leslie Stapleton

 The morning was very special.  Lots of fun sitting with your daughter’s friends and their mothers.  The guest speaker was fantastic and just lovely spending time with your daughter with nothing else to focus on but your relationship together. Kelly Francis

 A beautiful way to celebrate our daughter’s journey at Santa Maria in her final year. Joanne Canci

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