Celebrating Our Special Bond with Grandparents

In a world that races by so fast, where the younger generation is bound to technology and rapid change, the presence of grandparents acts as an anchor, providing safety and security. Our Year 6 students celebrated their grandparents and grandfriends at a special event this morning.

There was a sense of excitement as grandparents arrived at the College Chapel for a special liturgy that acknowledged the wisdom, love, and guidance grandparents consistently provide. The liturgy set the tone for the morning. It was all about bridging the gap between generations and nurturing the precious bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

Following the liturgy, the grandparents were led to the Year 6 classrooms. The students, beamed with pride as they showcased their projects, assignments, and artwork. The classrooms buzzed with energy as grandparents showered the students with praise and encouragement, creating memories that will forever be etched in both young and old hearts.

As the morning progressed, everyone gathered for a special morning tea. Laughter and stories were shared as grandparents reminisced about their own school days while marvelling at the innovations and opportunities available to the current generation.

Joanna Ryan, Dean of Years 5 & 6, said, “Grandparents Day is a highlight of the Year 6 year. I love seeing how proud the grandparents are of their granddaughters. There is always so much love, laughter and warmth on the day.”

Here is what some of our students had to say about the morning:

I enjoyed seeing everyone spend time with their grandparents. I loved talking to my grandparents on Facetime in Colombia.  Antonia Galeano -Riveros

Grandparents Day was a special day for everyone, and it was a great time to spend with grandparents and grandfriends. Audrey Toussaint

I really enjoyed being able to spend time with my Grandma. I hope she enjoyed it as well, and the food was yummy! Lauren Chew

The highlight of the morning was my grandparents coming to see all my work and the smiles on their faces. Arielle King

The value of grandparents cannot be overstated. They serve as a living link to the past, offering insights into a family’s history and traditions. Their unconditional love and unwavering support provide a sense of security that is a vital foundation for a child’s emotional wellbeing. Grandparents impart life lessons and wisdom gained from years of experience, offering a perspective that is often different from that of parents or teachers.

Grandparents’ Morning reinforced the idea that education is not just confined to textbooks and classrooms – it’s a lifelong journey enriched by the wisdom and stories shared across generations.

What A Term! So Many Opportunities – Jennifer Oaten

As I look back on the past nine weeks, I am so grateful for who we are as a community and what we have achieved. Through the dedication of our staff and the enthusiasm of our students, we have established new connections, immersed ourselves in opportunities and worked through challenges.

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