Celebrating the Class of 2022 Achievement

Congratulations to the students from the Class of 2022 on their outstanding results! After all the hard work, sleepless nights, and endless hours of studying, the girls should be very proud of their accomplishments.

We welcomed last year’s graduates at our traditional Year 13 breakfast this morning. It was great to see the girls’ smiling faces as they caught up with their peers and some of their teachers. The girls also received their 2022 Reflections, a great memento of their final year.

After breakfast, the girls’ achievements were recognised at our Achievers’ Assembly. Years 7 – 12 students were there to witness the girls receive Certificates of Distinction and Merit.

Abbey Sullivan and Zoe Bolden who both received an ATAR of 99.1

We’d like to acknowledge Zoe Bolden and Abbey Sullivan, who both received the highest ATAR with 99.1. Three Subject Certificates of Excellence were also awarded for Mathematics Applications to Ava Letter, Eleanor Wardle and Mikayla Wohlsein.

You can view all the recipients here.

Past student Elsie Blay (Bowd-Williams, 2006) gave the girls a motivational speech, sharing some elements she believes are critical for success.

  1. Be proactive and motivated. Seek out opportunities to do better.
  2. Be action-focused and problem-solve to get the answer. Use your initiative to be one step ahead.
  3. Never engage in a blame culture. Learn to love to change and be a dynamo who is always seeking to learn more (about your job and yourself).
  4. Under promise and over deliver.
  5. Become a pro at seeking out and taking constructive feedback. 
Elsie Blay (Class of 2006) speaking to the girls during Assembly

Girls, your determination and commitment have paid off, and your future is bright. Remember, your results are just a stepping stone on your journey, and there is so much more to be experienced and achieved in the years ahead. Keep up the good work, and continue to chase your dreams!

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