C’est magnifique!

Excellent results were achieved by all Santa Maria College students in French in the Alliance Francaise exams this year. High school students from around the state sit the Alliance Francaise exams each year as an objective way to assess levels and as practice for WACE exams.

Congratulations to the following students:

Special Commendations (90%+)

  • Claire Chitty (Year 11)
  • Hannah Vettoor (Year 11)
  • Ava Murphy (Year 11)
  • Rebecca Perse (Year 12)
  • Lily Wright (Year 12)

High Distinctions (80%+)

  • Hannah Lea (Year 11)
  • Gwyneth Chua (Year 11)
  • Kate Ciraolo (Year 11)
  • Caitlin Fourie (Year 11)
  • Georgina Speers (Year 11)
  • Kate Miller (Year 12)
  • Jordyn Shepherd (Year 12)

Distinction (75%+)

  • Caitlin Milne (Year 11)
  • Layla Beardman (Year 11)
  • Sophie Daniels (Year 12)
  • Amelia Hetman (Year 12)
  • Ella Mills (Year 12)

Congratulations also to Year 7 French student Mollie Brown, who has won an Education Perfect Languages Championships 2019 Award. Languages Perfect is a digital education platform used at Santa Maria College in the French and Italian classrooms, as well as for extra practice at home. u00a0Mollie was placed in the top 20% of competitors from 25 countries around the world, outperforming more than 120, 000 students. C’est fantastique!

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