Chloe Competes at Esperance Junior Tennis Open

How did you come to play in this tournament?
My tennis coach organises which tournaments I should play in. He puts me into the tournaments that give me the opportunity to obtain the highest amount of ranking points, one of these was Esperance.

How long have you been playing tennis?
I have been playing tennis since I was 8. I started playing tennis competitively at 10.

Which club do you play for?
I play Sunday Pennants for Cottesloe Tennis Club, but my training is between Wembley Downs Tennis Club (where my private coach is) and squad training at Bluegum Park Tennis Club in Brentwood. I train for approximately 11 hours a week.

What do you love about tennis?
Everything! The challenge not only physical but mental, the personal satisfaction when you win, knowing that the harder you work the better you will become, the hard work, how it teaches me about perseverance, the grit and overall – it is so much fun.

What is your goal?
My current Australian Ranking is 564 out of 2103 and I am 6th in Western Australia. My goal is to get a tennis scholarship into a top US college and hopefully make it into the pro tour. (WTA: Women’s Tennis Association). This year my goal is to go to the Clay Court Nationals in Canberra and the December Showdown in Melbourne in December.

We wish Chloe well for her future in tennis!

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