Civics & Citizenship With Year 5

Civics and Citizenship is the current Humanities learning concept in Year 5. The girls are learning about the importance of our Australian democratic values along with what it means to live and be in a democratic country.

As part of the learning experience, the girls were fortunate to have some guest speakers from the Electoral Commission chat to them about the Australian voting process, parliamentary houses and parties. They put their learning into practise by participating in a mock vote for our favourite chocolates. Well done to the skittles who took out the election win!

I liked the talk given because we learnt the process of how to vote and we also got to have a try at voting ourselves, Sophia Massie- Taylor 5.3

It was a fun way to learn about elections! Jade Worth 5.3

I feel like it was fun and educational at the same time. We were voting for chocolates instead of people, which was way more exciting! Deandra Vaz 5.3

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